U - Unlad

A regular loan product of the bank, under the Kabuhayan loan that caters to clients with bigger additional capital requirement for their business and with asset size of more than P 100 M excluding land.

S - Sikap

Another regular loan product of the bank under the Kabuhayan loan that caters to clients classified either as small or medium entrepreneurs with asset size of P 3 M to P 15 M and P 15 M to P 100 M respectively, excluding the value of land and further classified as Negosyo loan or Agricultural loan.

E - Educational Loan

Under the Karunungan loan product caters to clients who need additional funds for the education of the family members so that business capital will not be used.

C - Car Loan

One of the Konsumer loan products of the bank that cater to individual consumption.

A - Appliance Loan

Another Konsumption loan for individuals who want to purchase appliances including home devices and personal gadgets.

S - Salary Loan

Also a Konsumer loan that is offered to companies as an added benefit for their employees.

H - Housing Loan

Konsumer loan for the purpose of acquiring or modifying residential properties.

Other Loan Products:

Other Micro Enterprise Loan

AgriTao Loan

Kaasenso Loan